What we do



The Charity trustees are principally concerned with looking after their almshouses; these comprise both the almshouses on the original site at Castle Hill and the Guild Cottages which were built by the trustees in 1977.  They improve and update the buildings as appropriate and reallocate the homes to new residents as spaces become available. To see our properties click here


The trustees also make grants to local causes in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Charity Commission.

Recent grants include:

The Oken Eyffler Bursary

Available to WCG students and aims to provide financial assistance to students above the age of 18 from the town of Warwick and surrounding villages.


Warwick Words

Warwick Words is a festival of the written and spoken word in the historic town of Warwick.

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Myton Hospice

Myton Hospice works with up to 1,000 patients and their families each year across Coventry and Warwickshire.

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Newsline PR

Newsline Press & Public Relations is a full service agency which prides itself on retaining its clients.

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Warwick Apprenticing

The Warwick Apprenticing Charities make grants to students starting training to help further their careers.

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