Who we are

The charity of Thomas Oken and Nicholas Eyffler was set up in accordance with the wills of its patrons. The charity owns and adminsters almshouses on behalf of Warwick residents who are in need.


Plaque at Oken’s House, Warwick

Thomas Oken was a wealthy mercer who lived in Warwick in the 16th Century. In his will he left a considerable fortune which amongst other things stipulated that three of the properties he owned should be converted into almshouses to help townspeople in need.

Close up of memorial to Thomas Oken and a portrait of Nicholas Eyffler

Nicholas Eyffler was a German immigrant who made his fortune as a glazier in the 16th Century. In his will he instructed that two timber framed barns on the Back Hills, now known as Castle Hill, should be converted into almshouses.


In 1988 the Charities of Thomas Oken and Nicholas Eyffler were amalgamated and today’s trustees continue to look after the almshouses and to administer the funds in accordance with the benefactor’s wishes for the benefit of those in need in Warwick.

2023 Trustees

Anita White

Terry Brown

Terry Morris

Cllr Oliver Jaques (Mayor of Warwick)

Clive Mason (Chairman)

Rachel McCarthy

Wende Hubbard

Caroline Whitwood

Stuart Hatton

Jane Marshall

Dr Neha Sharma

Katherine Skudra

Cllr Jim Sinnot

Peter Beddoes


Clerk to the Trustees

James Williams